Up Thanksgiving Cave 2014 Slideshow

PA050067 The Push Team
PA050069 Plundering the Rescue Cache
PA060083 You have been warned
PA060096 Cabin electrics
PA060099 Home Sweet Home
PA060102 Food for humans and lanthorns
PA060108 Mehdis with brand new SRT
PA060116 Fuelling up
PA060127 The Drill
PA060129 Too much stuff
PA060142 Powerplant
PA060144 The map
PA060157 John Lightweight
PA060171 Staircase Entrance
PA060181 First Bolt
PA060204 Going down
PA070238 Banishing the Darkness
PA070243 The Explorers
PA070278 Going Down
PA070281 A tolerable keyhole
PA070294 Jam Session
PA070302 Featherbedding
PA070308 Bag-hauling
PA070310 Fitting in
PA070320 Pass the bags please
PA070329 Which way
PA070331 This way
PA070335 Alveoles - spot the foot
PA070337 Moving along
PA070352 Improving safety
PA080380 Floor missing
PA080384 Hanging on
PA080399 How to make a bed
PA080412 Magic Moment
PA080415 Camp idyll
PA080423 Readying
PA080428 Trust me
PA080438 Slippery slope
PA080442 Flagging tape
PA080444 Cavers perspective
PA090451 Otter Run
PA090454 Otter Run
PA090458 Otter Dive
PA090460 Gypsum
PA090496 Wet Crawl
PA090519 The Kitchen
PA090528 The Author
PA090548 Reality
PA090554 Sideway
PA090561 Rigging inside
PA090566 Oozing out
PA090580 Looking up
PA090586 Pass the rope please
PA090595 Surveying
PA100610 Traversing Final Option
PA100616 Concentration
PA100619 Down from Final Option
PA100627 The Old Rope
PA100630 The Muddy Rope
PA100639 Nick Power
PA100640 Luxury bed
PA100646 Having a chat
PA100649 No dripping please
PA100657 Cleanliness
PA110678 Up we go
PA110685 On the Edge
PA110694 Blood
PA110706 A bad place
PA110709 Surveying
PA110719 Final Option balcony
PA110732 Nick the Caver
PA110748 Undressing
PA110758 Could have been worse
PA110771 Ready for number Two
PA110772 Accomplishment
PA110779 Suppertime
PA110783 Camp Life
PA120786 Repairs
PA120788 Repairs
PA120826 The One Beautiful Place
PA120843 Crystal Art
PA120866 Miller Swiller Lunch
PA120872 Perfect Placement
PA120886 Per Diem
PA130021 Beside the Waterfall
PA130027 Too much water
PA130031 Into the Abyss
PA130036 On the Balustrade
PA130051 Comfortable
PA130052 Clean hands
PA130055 Muddy rappell
PA130057 Spot the Carabiner
PA130066 Marek Charging
PA140074 Happey Marek
PA150085 Camp One
PA150091 Camp Life
PA150106 Off again
PA150122 Mind The Gap
PA150133 Sunshine up
PA160204 Final packing
PA160220 Cargo rope
PA160244 Glad to be out
PA160255 Mr Happy
PA180335 Non cave food
PA180360 Cabin infestation
PA180380 Preparation is everything
PA180386 Ready to Travel
PA180402 Not Travelling by car anymore
PA190437 Going Home

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