In May 2001, a party consisting of myself, Lars Tore Ludvigsen, Marshall Netherwood and Greg Horne made a 4-week ski trip on Ellesmere Island in the Canadian High Arctic. The trip did not have any set purpose other than simply being there, climbing a few mountains and generally have a good time.

We flew to Grise Fiord, the most northern civilian community in Canada by more-or-less scheduled aircraft. From there, we went on skis for almost 4 weeks, with no resupply or contact with the outside world. It was quite an experience...

More documentation will follow, but for now you can have a look at a set of maps clipped from Microsoft Encarta, and you can look at some (160) pictures from the trip. Within the next few months I expect to have proper documentation available, including detailed maps, more pictures and a report on the trip itself.

For warning of Polar Bears in camp, I made a tripwire system using smoke detector beepers and boat kill switches (man-over-board lines). You can see the documentation and some suggestions for improvement here.